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About US !

Marketing domain is a multimedia marketing agency founded on February 8, 2020

What we specialize in

We specialize in creating whatever vision you see yourself as, which has great effects on drawing in news customers, fans, and ultimately sales for your business or brand! We work with the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify and many more!

Why Marketing & Branding yourself is important in life!

Marketing & Branding yourself is important in life because it’s the difference between being free or working a traditional 9-5. You are your biggest investor in life! People buy product and become a loyal fan or customer when a product or person looks popular or in other words “Famous”. It’s so much easier to sell yourself or anything when you boost up your image!

Example: Let’s say you’re interested in leaving home for some random fun. As you ride around you see different places that are empty or little to no one there and you also see places that are packed.

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Most people are going to go to whatever looks like a lot of people are because as humans we don’t want to alone. We want to go where the excitement is.

Point being:

You have to view your social media the same way as you view a party. If it looks like no one is at your party no one wants to go in.

Question: If you see two similar pages and one has 500 followers and the other one has 500,000 followers, which page are you going to click on first?

We have great news for you!

If your answer is 500k then you’re the type of customer we’re looking for because you understand marketing!

If your answer was 500 followers, then allow us to change you mind and help you create your vision!